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TAX Deductible Sponsorship/Donation Amount: Please Check One:

___________ Diamond Sponsor: $1,000.00
(Full Page Ad in Program/Honorable Mention under Sponsorship/4 VIP Reserved Seats Front and Center Table/Table Signage/ One-Year Business Membership to WCB)

___________ Silver Sponsor: $700.00 (Half Page Ad in Program/Honorable Mention/Table Signage/2 VIP Reserved Seats)

___________ Gold Sponsor: $500.00 (Business Card size Ad /Honorable Mention under Sponsorship/ 2 VIP Reserved Seats)

___________ Bronze Sponsor: $250.00 (Business Card Size AD in Program/1 VIP ticket)

___________ Ruby (Individual Donation): $100.00 (Honorable Mention under Sponsorship/1 VIP Ticket)

Please return Donor Form with your donation/payment and business card not later than September 1, 2016.

_______________ Estimated Value of Gift: $_____________________
(Donations less than $100 value maybe combined with other items donated)
 Please indicate:
_____________Gift Certificate
_____________Gift to be delivered by November 1, 2016
____________ Other: (Please give a brief description of your gift value) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Please make all checks payable to: West Covina Beautiful Mail to: PO Box 962 West Covina CA 91793

Event Tickets and/or additional Event Tickets may be purchased at the cost of $30.00 per person.

You may include your additional request along with your sponsorship donation.
Tickets will be available at check in on the day of the event.

Thank you for helping keep West Covina beautiful.